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Happiness, belonging, a home, control, power, love, safety, joy, laughter, we want it all. Life is wonderful, well, it can be. The ability to cope with difficult emotions. When something happens and you are unable to have these wonderful human experiences then it usually means some part of your life is out of order. The order of things is what creates the outcome you are chasing. If you don’t have the right formulae to fit your unique individual circumstances than you will just be doing the same thing over and over again trying but never achieving the results you want. I don’t need to go into flooding you with more information about psychology and the depths of the science behind it; all you need is to know is there is a way forward. Together we can set your goals and create a plan towards achieving them. Whether you have seemingly complex or minor issues, I know we can work together.




Connection to self

Your mind must be allowed to be like central train station for your inner experiance. Thoughts, feelings, worries, ups downs …


You are a social being dependant on others to heal,  to learn, to live, to survive, to thrive. Counselling is a social …

Take your own life

What if you were depending on others for things you should be doing for yourself? Sounds like unhappiness. What if your wanting …